Do I need an attorney to copyright my material?

Do I need an attorney to copyright my material?

Similar to Patents and Trademarks, an attorney is not necessary to file a copyright application. However, due to the complex nature of dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or the Copyright Office, often times, attorneys are retained to ensure the applications are registered properly.
Typically, copyright protection is automatic once a work has been fixed in a tangible medium of expression, such as paper, magnetic tape, film, a digital medium, or some other material object. However, registration of the work with the Copyright Office is still necessary if you intend to bring a lawsuit in Federal Court to enforce the copyright. In addition, registration provides the copyright owner procedural advantages should an infringement lawsuit ever be filed, including the ability to obtain statutory damages and attorney's fees.

Why hire us to copyright your material? A few of the benefits of hiring an experienced Attorney to handle your copyright needs include:

  • Copyright Attorneys offer legal expertise and a knowledge of uncommon laws that could affect your copyright.
  • You can trust a Copyright Attorney to maintain confidentiality and represent your best interests.
  • A Copyright Attorney can explain the process in terms you can understand to help you make sound business decisions.

Legal Advantages of Copyrighting Material

Registration of the copyright provides substantial statutory advantages, such as the right to recover statutory damages and attorney's fees in the event litigation is necessary to enforce the copyright. Indeed, in many cases, such registration is a prerequisite to infringement litigation. As a result, we regularly obtain copyright registrations on behalf of our Clients by protecting their copyrights in their valuable works of authorship such as: computer software, architectural works, paintings, novels, musical works, sound recordings, video, film, television programs, photographs, characters, and product designs.
From obtaining routine copyright registrations to dealing with more complex issues such as ownership rights, works for hire, and derivative works, our copyright attorneys have a firm working knowledge of the U.S. Copyright Act. Indeed, our copyright attorneys have written numerous articles on Copyright law, including covering issues relating to the Digital Millennium Act.

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