Trade Secrets

As part of our full intellectual property service, we also advise our Clients in protecting trade secrets and other confidential information relevant to their technical know how, manufacturing and production processes, food recipes and business methods and marketing plans. We do this by working closely with our Clients to draft, negotiate and enforce non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements that protect our Clients’ confidential information. Further, we assist our Clients in developing and implementing trade secret protection policies and procedures in relation to company wide employment uniformity.

Trade Secret Litigation

Our Attorneys have wide-ranging experience in prosecuting and defending against misappropriation of trade secret lawsuits under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, as adopted in the California Civil Code. We are meticulous in our analysis of purported misappropriation of trade secrets to meet the individual goals of our Clients. We carefully evaluate the trade secret involved, whether steps were taken to preserve its secrecy, and whether a violation of any confidential relationship or breach of any duty not to disclose or use the trade secret occurred. We help our Clients establish their misappropriation of trade secrets lawsuit goals, which may be to successfully defend against a misappropriation of trade secrets lawsuit and preserve their rights to use certain documents and information to benefit their business, or to pursue a misappropriation of trade secrets lawsuit and stop (enjoin) any misappropriator from disclosing or using any trade secrets, require any misappropriator to disgorge profits attributable to the misappropriation and pay the Client’s losses, and require any misappropriator to pay the Client’s costs, and to pay the Client’s Attorney’s fees if allowed in any contract.

We constantly re-evaluate the possible results and risks of any misappropriation of trade secret lawsuit, and communicate the results and probable risks to our Client on a regular basis. Moreover, our Attorneys adhere to the Ten Commandments of Litigation which we developed solely for the benefit of our Clients. We have experience in handling cases alleging misappropriation of trade secrets such as Client lists, business practices, and secret recipes and formulas, and alleging unfair competition claims under California’s Unfair Competition Law. When you need the services of a litigation trade secrets Attorney in the Orange County or Los Angeles County area, please call to schedule your free initial consultation.

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