Registration of the copyright provides substantial statutory advantages, such as the right to recover statutory damages and Attorney’s fees in the event litigation is necessary to enforce the copyright. Indeed, in many cases, such registration is a prerequisite to infringement litigation. As a result, we regularly obtain copyright registrations on behalf of our Clients by protecting their copyrights in their valuable works of authorship such as: computer software, architectural works, paintings, novels, musical works, sound recordings, video, film, television programs, photographs, characters, and product designs. From obtaining routine copyright registrations to dealing with more complex issues such as ownership rights, works for hire, and derivative works, our copyright Attorneys have a firm working knowledge of the U.S. Copyright Act. Indeed, our copyright Attorneys have written numerous articles on Copyright law, including covering issues relating to the Digital Millennium Act.

Copyright Litigation

Our Attorneys have wide-ranging experience in prosecuting and defending against copyright lawsuits before the United States District Courts and the United States Courts of Appeal. We are meticulous in our analysis of claimed infringement under the Copyright Act and each of our Client’s goals. We work with each Client to develop a clear understanding of the media involved, such as literary, pictoral, graphic, or sculptural works, sound recordings, architectural works, or any combination of these. We carefully evaluate the specific exclusive rights embodied in the media, and whether copying of the expression (as opposed to the idea) has taken place. We also carefully evaluate whether any potential defense, such as the commonly-asserted “fair use” defense, exists to defeat any lawsuit of copyright infringement. We assist our Clients in establishing their copyright lawsuit goals, which may be to successfully defend against a copyright infringement lawsuit and preserve their rights to use certain works, or to pursue a copyright infringement lawsuit against infringers and stop (enjoin) those infringers from infringing the copyright, require the infringers to disgorge their profits attributable to the copyright infringement and pay our Client’s losses, and require the infringers to pay our Client’s Attorney’s fees and costs. We diligently re-evaluate the possible results and risks of any copyright infringement lawsuit, and communicate those possible results and risks to the Client on a regular basis.

Moreover, our Attorneys adhere to the Ten Commandments of Litigation which we developed solely for the benefit of our Clients. We have proven experience in handling cases alleging, among other things, infringement of literary expression, infringement of sound recordings and films, and infringement involving derivative works, compilations, and multi-media. When you need a litigation copyright Attorney in the Orange County or Los Angeles County area, please call to schedule your free initial consultation.

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