Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation

Our Patent Litigation Attorneys have wide-ranging experience in prosecuting and defending against patent lawsuits before the United States District Courts and United States Court of Appeals. We are meticulous in our analysis of each of our Client’s goals and protection from infringement. We carefully compare the patent registration with the allegedly infringing goods to ascertain whether or not the goods infringe the patent. We help our Clients establish their patent lawsuit goals, which may often include a successful defense against a patent infringement lawsuit and preserve their rights to sell certain goods, or to pursue a patent infringement lawsuit against infringers and stop (enjoin) those infringers from selling infringing goods and require the infringers to disgorge their profits and pay our Clients’ losses.

Our policy is to vigorously pursue every legal avenue to achieve favorable results for our Clients. To that end, we consistently re-evaluate the possible results and risks of any patent infringement lawsuit, and communicate those possible results and risks to our Clients regularly. Moreover, our Attorneys adhere to the Ten Commandments of Litigation which we developed solely for the benefit of our Clients. You will find them on our site. In synopsis, our experience includes handling cases alleging, among other things, direct and indirect patent infringement; infringement of utility, design, and plant patents; patent infringement by imported goods; and infringement of provisional patent rights before patent registration. When you need the service of a Patent Litigation Attorney, please call to schedule an initial consultation. We service clients all across the United States and internationally.

Terminate or Defer Patent Litigation

Today, defending a patent lawsuit can be very costly, in terms of both time and money. Although often times aggressively defending against a patent infringement action in court is the best choice, the role of patent reexaminations is fast becoming a reasonable and cost-effective alternative. Patent reexaminations fall within two categories: ex partes and inter partes. Patent Reexaminations in a patent litigation context are often used to seek to have the USPTO re-consider prior art which may limit certain claims of the patent at issue or invalidate the patent all together. IN addition, instituting a patent reexamination may stay or in other words delay the pending litigation until the patent reexamination process is completed. Certain advantages and limitations exists with patent reexaminations which is addressed in more detail here but Ardent works closely with our clients in analyzing and determining the best patent litigation strategy which may or may not include patent reexaminations.

Minimize or Eliminate Third Patent Threats

Many of our clients often are threatened or concerned by a competitor’s patent or a third party. In these instances, we have been able to successfully use patent reexaminations to invalidate a competitor’s patent or severely limit the scope of such patent which results in disarming the patentee’s ability to enforce the rights in the patent in the future. Not wanting to attract the patentee’s attention to our client, an advantageous method of proceeding is to file an ex parte patent reexamination anonymously. The patent attorneys at Ardent have extensive experience in preparing strong and comprehensive prior art arguments in ex parte reexaminations thereby producing favorable results for our clients. When you need the service of a Patent Reexamination Attorney, please call to schedule your free initial consultation. We service clients in Orange County and all across the United States and internationally.

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