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Like all of its other services, Ardent’s litigation services are intensely focused on each client’s bottom line. Litigation is expensive, and Ardent understands that when you hire an attorney or law firm, you trust the legal matter will be handled as effectively and efficiently as possible. Ardent honors that trust. We remain organized, meticulously prepared and our litigation attorneys are among the most efficient around. We do not have an army of associates to keep busy or large overheads to meet and we do not train junior lawyers on your dime.  

We continuously evaluate the risks and benefits involved in each matter, and communicate our evaluations to our clients. We don’t employ multiple attorneys on a single matter unless absolutely necessary. We avoid petty activities and battles that have little or no impact on the outcome or the client’s bottom line. At the same time, we vigorously and relentlessly pursue each client’s goals. We focus on overall results; which means each client gets effective and efficient representation. Ardent also takes seriously its obligation to communicate with each client.

We promptly advise our clients of significant developments relating to their matters. In fact, as a way of encouraging our clients to communicate with us on a regular basis, we provide one telephone or in person meeting each month free of charge. Of course, Ardent’s lawyers are extremely experienced with business litigation, whether simple or complex, including intellectual property, employment, real estate, construction, and securities disputes. The following is a brief overview of our recent litigation successes:

  • Securing a $2.89 million verdict in a trademark infringement suit.
  • Procuring a defense verdict in an action involving the accidental destruction of metalworking machinery.
  • Securing a $300,000 award in an NASD securities arbitration.
  • Securing a $5.8 million judgment and $1.5 million attorneys’ fee award in a commercial land and development dispute involving a group of Taiwanese investors.
  • Negotiating a $320,000 settlement against a major investment brokerage firm.
  • Successfully prevailing in a Trademark Infringement lawsuit requiring the infringer to stop using our client’s trademark and also pay our client damages 
  • Absolving a design professional from a multi-party construction injury matter through summary judgment proceedings.
  • Successfully prevailing in an opposition proceeding before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board regarding our client’s use of a trademark, whereby resulting in registration of the trademark application.
  • Against a Plaintiff’s multi-million dollar demand in a complex trade dress/trade secrets case, obtaining a favorable settlement on the eve of trial including no monetary payment by our client;
  • In a large patent infringement case, successfully enforced client’s patent against multiple defendants 

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