About Our Litigation Practice and Fees

What type of Litigation cases do you handle?

Our highly trained litigators at Ardent Law represent clients in a variety of cases dealing with any type of civil litigation. In particular, Ardent Law specializes in business litigation, intellectual property litigation including all matters dealing with patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade dress and trade secrets, corporate securities litigation, real estate litigation and employment/labor disputes. We typically do not handle matters dealing with personal injury and family law issues.

There are numerous litigation law firms, why choose Ardent Law?

As a business law firm, we understand the need and concern for companies and individuals to manage the ever increasing costs/expenses of running a successful business. Legal costs, in particular initiating or defending against litigation can be costly. Understanding this, Ardent Law maintains firm principles and has developed the Ten Commandments of Litigation which we use to develop cost effective legal representation.

Our litigators are experienced trial lawyers who are meticulous, efficient and have the necessary experience in taking cases all the way through trial and winning. As a result of the ability and trial experience of our litigators, we find that our clients ultimately reap the benefits and are provided with better choices and leverage if settlement opportunities do arise.

About Our Practice

Ardent Law is a boutique law firm devoted solely to the needs of businesses. We specialize in matters involving Business Litigation, Patent, Trademark & Copyright Prosecution/Litigation, Corporate/Business Transactions, Labor & Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Bankruptcy and Securities Law. 

Ardent is a multi-cultural law firm with both domestic and international clients ranging from small/medium sized emerging businesses to international conglomerates to fortune 500 corporations. We counsel companies from all over the nation and globally, including international clients in Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and China.

For a free initial consultation with an Ardent Law Attorney, please contact us today. We service clients all across the United States and internationally.